Why #rehash…

Rehash is just a collection of information that is already out there, but the aim is to demystify the myth around CBD and Hemp by providing mainly scientific data and research.

It is rehash for what is posted here is mainly that is already published with sources provided. Unless we edit the article and tinker with the information and mold it to a complete new piece.

Topics #Rehash will focus on:

  • #CBD, #Hemp, #HempIndustry, #HempBusiness

About 10 sources sending daily mails to our inbox with tons of information. We will filter and cherry pick the most relevant and fresh ones for you. Guide us with comments and questions so that we could focus in depth to the areas that you would like to be informed more.

We are not a promotional blog keeping mirthemp aside… If we see a brand that is worth mentioning or doing something different than the others out there that falls to our radar, we are more than willing to share it.

Hope this industry gets its rules, regulations and above all its standardization ASAP.

Here is an high target; by the end of 2021 we aim to become one of the reference sites that is trustworthy.

Keep Calm and Stay Mirthy!



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